About Us

We are a startup from NTNU School of Entrepreneurship

The company was founded during our studies at the NTNU School of Entrepreneurship, and our goal is to make humanitarian deployment more efficient.

Now we have increased into a group of six students that use the majority of our time on this project.


We recently got awarded the FORNY STUD-ENT grant from the Research Council of Norway of 1.000.000 NOK! We are very grateful, and will use this money to further develop the business we now have created and continue our vision making the humanitarian industry more efficient!

Spark*: Startup of the month!

Read about when we were picked as the startup of the month by the entrepreneurship organisatin Spark at our university, NTNU. Article only in Norwegian.

Some Cool Facts

Numbers Speak For Themselves

Users on our platform
NOK funding

The Team

Karoline Saastad, Admin stuff

Jonas Aakenes, Tech stuff

Lina Tuddenham Haug, Market stuff

Nikolai Dokken, Software developer

Simen Emil Eide Næss, Software developer

Martin Amaral Halseide, Software developer

We are always looking for new engaged co-workers

Software development

Have you any experience in software development, programming or UX design? Want to join a fast-moving startup with the intention of making the humanitarian industry more efficient? Please contact us!


Do you have a interest in understanding the needs and limitations of the humanitarian industry? Want to be a part of helping more organisations take in use digital tool? Plase contact us!

..or do you also get excited by making an impact?