We have achieved special competence from working with humanitarian aid organisations

Humanitarian aid organisations have special needs for rapid preparedness when a disaster occurs. They usually react instantly, with a team of expertise ready on the airport within 24 hours. This requires fast matchmaking and approval. WAID matchmaker takes case of this task in minutes, letting the organisation do what they are best at; saving lives.

Our product is suitable for any organisation or business that need to match tasks with competence. 


We have developed our product together with Norwegian humanitarian aid organisations


WAID Matchmaker

Matches tasks with the right personnell in seconds.

WAID Marketplace

When in need of external help, you can place an order for a contractor in our open marketplace. 

WAID Reporting

Automatically generated reporting with visual statistics.

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Industries we serve today

earthquake, rubble, collapse

Humanitarian organisations

When a disaster happens, humanitarian aid organisations need to react quickly and find the delegates best suited for the job. Our customers use the WAID preparedness manager to get this job done quickly and easy.

laser, laser light, research

Research facilities

Our project started at CERN, and they use the Preparedness Manager for more than 1500 users to organize their shifts and to be prepared if an unpredicted situation occurs.

firefighters, training, live

Fire brigades

The technology we use is today used to organize fire brigades in Switzerland, giving them a better overview over their employees, and to react faster when a fire occurs.

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